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AAR: Normandy Firefight: Partisans vs. Fallschirmjagers.

      With any good rules set, nothing says "yes" to us wargamers as much as an epic rules set. If you are a wargamer looking into larger scales, such as, 28mm or larger, Normandy Firefight is the game for you. This is especially the case for just getting into games using the least amount of figures. You only need four to five to play in this game. In this case, after experiencing a "draw" in a Bolt Action game, we decided to play a Normandy Firefight game on the same board. Also, I found that actually reading the book all the way through has a dramic difference in the game, such as, the different weapons rules that cover British and Soviet weapons ratings, as well as, not-so-common German weapons. Also, being a card driven game, it was easy to make this a 2 vs. 2 player game.
   So, to the game! It was French Partisans versus German Fallschrimjager troops. This was a two versus two player game with five characters for each person. This game had no real purpose other than to kill. Just like a Rambo movie: Kill or be killed!
    For the Partisans, My wife and I were on the same side for the seven game in our lives. French resistance! I think not!
  Here's who we had:
     Kalissa's Partisans,
       1. Otto Bahnkowski with a M1911A1 Pistol
       2. Marie Malvage     with a KAR98
       3.  Henry DeGuise    with a DP Machine Gun
       4.  Paul LaFore    with a KAR98
       5.  Rachel LaFore  with a MP40
     My Partisans,
       6. Marco Bentley with a MP40
       7. John Martiani with a KAR98
       8. Ralf Sandera with a KAR98
       9. Mekel Parson with a MG34
       10. Elvis Norfus with a Bren Gun.

 Making up names is half the fun!

 For our opponents, Bill and Andre, they had some happy Germans.

    Bill's Fallschrimjagers:
      1. Fredrick von Strudle with a MP40
      2.  Otto Zimmerman with a KAR98
      3.  Bobby Weiss  with a FG42
      4. Michael Voss  with a  KAR98
      5. Junger Rotterdam  with a KAR98
      6.  Bobby Bauhaus  with a MP40
      7.  Albert Weiss  with a KAR98
      8. Ivan Weeks with a STG44
      9. Marc Wilhelm  with a KAR98
     10. Karl Witkozic  with a KAR98

   Usually, the game of Normandy Firefight is played on a smaller table at 3' x 3' and the rules suggest a larger scale, such as 54mm. However, we choose to use the whole board of 4' x 6' in 28mm, despite the distance. There is no real range in this game, but line of sight. Also, I was not sure how the machine guns the partisans brought with them would play out. The last game with Kalissa using British Paratroopers with Sten Guns did not play out so well. With the maxium rate that the Sten gun could spray someone with in combat, I seem to always receive the maxium hits of 3 with some sort of ridiculous damage for each hit. With that being said, I did not want to make it easy for us to dominate a game, especially for first time players.
     The game was entertaining, since we liked to take shots at each other from long ranges. There did not seem to be much in damage in this game until Marie Malvage, the young blonde girl happened upon a German hand grenade, which blew her to pieces. Look! Her shoe! We also found that the partisans had trouble getting around, such as  Mekel Parson having trouble with his MG34 fitting through a church window. The best had to be Elvis Norfus (what a great horrible name!) throwing a grenade behind him over a hedge full of Germans thick as fleas. The game only had to deaths due to the time, but it was good laughs!
   Here is the action below. Enjoy!

German occupied a barn.

Sneaking through the brush.

"I can make that!" subtitle from French.

To the church!

The dead leftover from the previous battle.

Right before the grenade.

Who says that "White men can't jump"!

The unlucky Germans and a grenade.

Marie before her untimely demise.

Trying to flank the Germans.

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