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AAR: Storm Trooping: A Chain of Command game on a rainy Normandy engagement.

     I had just remade a new mat for future WW2 games and what not, and felt like showcasing it to a bunch of my fellow gaming friends. It was when I realized that my friends, Hugh and Bill had their stuff ready go that I told them that I would like to share an actual Chain of Command game for this group I joined, since I have no recent photos of any I have played. They of course agreed! They also did not know they played on this mat before when I first started playing in 28mm. I am rather proud of this. Besides, I had a slightly different motive for our friend, Hugh, since he has not had time to play a game in a while. So my wife and I were good with not playing anything for the day.
       So down to the goods, Hugh brought his Brits while Bill had his Germans. I did not hear what scenario they chose, but Bill would be defending with his Germans for the first time with this game ever. I did not realized this. He was always attacking. Even when we team played, Bill and I were always attacking, so this was different for him. The main tactical objective was going to be a fight for the town. The Patrol Phase ended with a semi-circle field of fire surrounding the British who managed to have jump off points behind hedgerows and the church. The Germans deployed two mine fields to force the British over. The Germans held one buildings in front of the church, and a farm covering the crossroads with remaining Germans in entrenchments. It really looked good for the Germans.
       Starting the phases, the first thing Hugh rolled was four 4's and a 5. Bill said to re-roll that to have a better start. And a better start it was! Three phases went in Hugh's favor with the British rushing forward. The first squad tried to throw a grenade  through the door only to drop it under himself, thus killing himself. This did not stop things, since the British managed to take the first jump off point in the center shop. The British also deployed a light mortar to smoke on target in front of the farm full of Germans, thus block the sight lines. Another round also covered the advance. The Germans tried to react, but did not do much other than a shock.
      Since the British were on a roll, they proceeded to assault the Germans inside. They must have caught them at a bad time, for not a single defensive shot hit a single Brit, but the return scared the remaining two Germans of that section outside through a window with several shocks and broken. The British tried to shoot the other section through the window, but could not hit the other section. The Germans also deployed a squad to take the shopkeeper British. They failed to kill any one with one shock. Also, the British brought up a Sherman tank to do damage wih HE rounds. This was a risky ploy, since it was an easy target for a Panzershrek team that Bill had nearing a Chain of Command die.
         The German senior leader came on to help out matters. The Germans tried to advance, but to no avail. The other section of Germans surrounded are destroyed, with the senior leader wounded and running in the open. Bill used his Chain of Command die to deploy an ambush against the Sherman, doing nothing to it. The British deployed a FO in the church.
In the end, the Germans withdrew. The British used a text book "seek and flank" tactic. The game never ended turn one with the Germans caught off guard. The whole time, we mentioned the whole re-roll might have been a mistake, but it was a good game none the less! Anyway, here are some photos of the game. Enjoy!

The British with their support options and lots of smoke for the light mortar.

The Germans.

Pre-game shots.

Pre-game shots.

Pre-game shots.

Pre-game shots.

Pre-game shots.

Pre-game shots.

Pre-game shots.

Pre-game shots.

Pre-game shots.

Pre-game shots. Yes! I am aware I did a lot of these!

Pre-game shots.

Pre-game shots.

The Germans deployed two mine fields for defense. Somehow, they matched the terrain!

These chips where the British Patrol Markers.

Locking positions for Jump off points.

The Germans started their patrol from this shop that control most of the board.

The locked points.

German Jump Point in the shop. I do need to make floors for this building.

German Jump Point in the barn covering the church as well.

German Jump Point covering a road into town.

The last German Jump Point covering the other road facing the church.

The British Jump Point capturing the church.

Another British Jump Point behind a hedgerow.

The last British Jump Point on the other side of the church.

A British squad holds up in a church wait for action.

Another British squad takes cover behind a stone wall.

A German squad sets up in the barn with a MG section up in the loft.

This was to show there was a guy down stairs.

The Germans have entrenched themselves overlooking  the crossroads.

The British rush down the road into action!

The Germans fire into the church with little success.

The British deploy a light mortar to fire smoke rounds to cover their advance.

The British fire back adding a shock to a section.

A smoke round falls right on target.

Taking advantage, the squad in the church rushes forward.

The other squad advances.

Another round of smoke is spot on.

The British are taking fire, but only causes one shock.

Another German squad shows up for support firing into the British capturing the shop. They hit no one.

The British take fire, but are not afraid.

The British decide to knock on the door with feeling.

The British brought an armored buddy.

The Sherman fires HE rounds into the Germans.

A German section routes after an British assault into the building. The British received no hit what so ever. The section leaves with seven shock markers.

The German use a Chain of Command die to ambush a Sherman tank with a Panzersherk, but miss.

A fire team crosses the road.

The British fires into the Germans from the house, but hit no one.

These Germans did not get to do much.

The British take another Jump Point. The Germans decide to withdraw.

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