Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Across A Deadly Field: An Armored Engagment.

     I am aware that this post starts out sounding like the title of a very interesting Civil War rules set. And as much I would like to get into the American Civil War, I have a long way to go to get to that point. But in this case, this was a Bolt Action tank battle between husband and wife. This is fairly typical in our relationship. We go out to a hobby shop to meet up with friends and proceed to kill each other on the table top. Once in a blue moon, my wife and I will be on the same side. So far, that has only happened in Civil War games at conventions. We are talking about a total of two games, ever!
   So back to the battle at hand, we decided to play a tank game for the fact that my wife has a tank problem and it was a quick solution for a short game. There was also another reason for this game. While my wife was driving to work, we still had the box of her British armor in the back of our Jeep Liberty. It was then that tragedy struck! A jerk cut her off making her slam on her brakes. The box of armor went airborne landing upside down. Nothing seems to be worse for a wargamers like dropping your miniatures, let alone seeing them fly! But upon further inspection, the damage was really light. I only had to fix a propeller of her British Hawker Typhoon and an M-10 lost it's .50 caliber machine gun.
     The game was simple: Kill! I chose my normal Panther Power with a Stug III, a Puma, a Marder III, and a Jagdpanzer IV L70. Kalissa chose everything, but her Sherman tanks and armored cars. The plan for me was simple. I was going to set up a field of fire from the center. I believe my wife was trying to keep my tanks occupied by firing at the Cromwell tanks while flanking with Fireflies and M-10 Achilles. This was not going so well as a plan due to some serious super shooting. Every time I hit, I cause massive damage! It was pretty crazy. My wife, however, would hit, but would not cause damage. In a way, the game played out like actual WW2 battle reports. The Panther tank was a scary opponent on the battlefield. Kalissa did manage to start killing. Something changed in her mood, which always equals death on my end. Though, I lost several tanks, I still came out for a win. We will see what happens on the next game!
A bridge across the river.

A peaceful countryside.

A flowing river.

Advancing Cromwell tanks.

Advancing Cromwell tanks.

A Cromwell tank sneaks up the side of a river.

A Cromwell tank takes aim!

A tank takes a hit!

German firing line!

The Jagdpanzer IV is disabled.

Panther tanks on the loose.

A Panther tank takes aim!

A Puma armored car hide against a hedgerow.

Two Cromwell tanks flank and fire!

A Stug III advances while the pillbox Jagdpanzer is fire support.

Burning coffins!

A lone Panther flanks the flankers.

Stug III fires!

Taking aim!

A view from the wood.

Advancing to the Hedgerow.

Holy Firefly!

Close encounters.

Turning the turret!

Panther in flames.

Another Panther tank burns as well as the final death of the Jagdpanzer IV.

Around the bend.

A Cromwell gets it in the ass.

Point Blank!

Cromwell attack!

Face off!

The Puma is gone.

Bouncing shots! Both the M-10 and Panther miss.

The deadly field.

German BBQ!

Again, they miss!

Concealed by flames.

The M-10 has the final say!

The final shot!

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