Thursday, February 4, 2016

Terrain Blitz Three: More Hedgrow Building.


    Even though there has been a rather large gap between my terrain time, it worked out good for a rainy afternoon. Recently, it has occurred to me that my hedges really look better with character. I will most likely keep the first ones "as is" depending on the time frame I have to go back. This just means I will, because my terrain mission does not need to be complete until mid-July. I would hope that I would not be that occupied to not finish. However, I did get another part of my project in the mail from Great Escape Games. My wife's American infantry came in, so I will be painting two platoons worth. I know that in 28mm that is rather large for one persons army, especially for Bolt Action. I guess I want my lovely wife prepared!
   Anyway, the thing I have strived for in terrain is to make it as awesome as possible. After reading a article about the details and the 10% of time is put into terrain making in a war gaming hobby, I guess my feeling about adding character invites people into a game. I kind of had an indirect high from people walking up to basic games that my wife and I play and wanted to know about the game more. This was even the case when a game was at a lull during playtime or when the rules we were trying simply sucked. I happened to notice at conventions that there would be a group of guys eating or drinking a beer while waiting for the game to get moving again. At a certain point, I realized that most of this guys did not really leave a table that was an art masterpiece. If anything, they reinforced the game at hand, despite not being all that great. If anything, they probably left that table with new ideas. They may have left the game with the notion of taking another "crack at it" for the scenario with new improved rules. But the important thing about those tables that those games were played on was that they all had character. Whether this was a group of cows in the field, a civilian churning butter, or even something as simple as a mail box, people seemed to stay longer as spectators as well as gamers due to the visual aspect of the table.
    I was thinking about this, but in a smaller scale. I looked at what I have recently made for terrain, and thought: "Why not have a squirrel in the tree?" So I started playing around with ideas. Of course, I have even thought of some more while I was typing. I swear that my terrain building will not morph into a large mutant Kudzoo plant sucking Fayetteville, NC or perhaps the world into a vortex. Anyway, here are some recent additions. Enjoy!

I through some tanks and buildings to share the scale of things.

I wanted to see how a clearing would look.

At first, I was using only two leave flocking colors. I changed my mind on this. Also, I found some nice rose bushes to use.

I used some plastic plants cut up to make different plant types. And why not a tree fort!

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