Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Testing Out Some Dragon Rampant.


     It has not been often that I have played a non-related WW2 game, but I do enjoy a random throw down. In this case, I decided to test out the rules for Dragon Rampant, which is based off of Ospey Publishing's book, Lion's Rampant. This was just a fantasy version of Lion's Rampant. It seems that fantasy rules sets have come out of the woodwork, since the dramatic change in Warhammer Fantasy. Games, such as Kings of War, have really taken off. I cannot say I have noticed it too much, since Kalissa and I are mainly historical wargamers. If anything, I will say I have an interest in Lord of the Rings. I may get into that later.
    Anyway, my friend Bill wanted to play, and thought, why not. It has been awhile since I have been bloodied in Lion's Rampant, and the rules were, for the most part, the same. I set up a board with a church in the middle. Most of the table was considered rough ground. Bill decided to run a bunch of trolls and goblins while I had his trusty old knights and footmen. There was a forgotten statement about how all of his troops fight awesome in rough ground. Did I care? Not really. He had made my list where the heavy horsemen did not have the "Wild Charge" rule where you have to charge into enemy troops within 10 inches. Personally, I like the "Wild Charge." This is one of those games where I want blood and don't care from whom it come from. In this case, mainly my own people.
    How the game mainly went was completely in Bill's fair. I roled horribly for any test and found that I would move one or two units per turn. This was a major disadvantage for my wargaming bloodlust and would have certainly killed any strategy. I was able to kill quite a few people, but no full units. My guys gloriously died left and right. Courage tests could not be found. We both even realized that one of Bill's units never came into contact with my troops.
     For my thoughts on this set of rules, I do enjoy them. I am not really worried about winning. After all, most of the game was a "let's see what happens" kind. If there were any disappointments, I was sadden the hear that there were no duel challenging amongst the leaders like Lion's Rampant has. Bill said that next time we will have to add that. Of course, next time I will plan to read the rules closer and have my Teutonic Knights that I have to finish up. And I want a Dragon!

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