Sunday, January 6, 2019

AAR: Bolt Action Tank War: A Tank Battle in 15mm

       It is been a long time since Kalissa and I have played Flames of War. Ever since Version 4 destroyed the point of several armies we had perfected from Version 2 through 3, the 4th one left a sour note with us. Who knows whether we will get back into Flames of War again. However, it seems a shame to have some model collect dust just because of a rules system changing. Plus, we plan on playing some Battlegroup in the near future. For a Saturday game, we decided to play a large 15mm Tank War. There is nothing like a larger scale tank battle. This one was the Soviets verses the Germans. The Soviets came packing with T34/85's and SU-100's. The Germans had Panzer IV's, Panthers, and one King Tiger. The Soviets did not do so well. They might have been as tired as the player who stayed up late the night before. My wife is not a night person. However, she did improve late in the game with hits and such after lunch. Before lunch, the damage was done. Kalissa was rather surprised to see the King Tiger hit and kill two tanks. Normally, I cannot hit my own loader's foot with a Tiger shell!

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