Saturday, January 23, 2016

Who Says Snow Can't Be Dynamic Terrain?: Snow Terrain Experiment 1

     After working with lots of fur for terrain mats, a friend of mine mentioned the idea of a snow board. I thought to myself: "I can do that!" Now, the only real reason I have not made any real snow board stems for the fact that never really had that much interest in winter warfare and that there are a lot of ways that I have seen it modeled bad. I, too, am guilty as charged. However, this was when I first started making stuff. Besides, I do not come across to many people with snow themed armies.
   Like before, I always have a test piece before I commit to any project. What you see in this post is just a test. I have plans of making more dynamic roads that are actually muddy. I also want to try out some ice features on the roads. For the time being, this will do.
   The whole concept is that every time I have seen snow terrain, it always is flat white sheet with perfect Christmas trees and a house or two. I cannot say at the moment that I have achieved that much more. After all, I am one of those gamers that look forward to Christmas time, because of all of the trees you can buy. And the ones in the pictures I bought were a total of $1.49 for 20 trees on clearance! I can deal with just the white sheet for snow, but what about the grass. Out of all of the snowy days I have experienced, if it was not a foot or more of snow, tall grass was usually standing. So that was my aim here: nifty roads and tall grass mixed with snow. Since it is all not finished, I thought I would share the progress. Enjoy!

Yellow light bulbs kind of ruin the cold effect for this.

The grass needs to be thinned out with a comb, but it is good to have it mixed with the snow. Extra cover.

My snow inspiration while I was doing this. This was the winter storm warning results of last night. I could do better with white spray paint.

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