Monday, January 4, 2016

The Last Terrain Mat: Bolt Action Tournament.

  I figured I would show some upcoming shots of the current terrain mat I am making for the Siege of Augusta Bolt Action Tournament that my wife, Kalissa is mainly running. We have a week and a half for preparation, and I am looking forward to a fun, successful event. Even though, I will most likely not be able to join other games on that Saturday, I feel it will be a good experience. We have met people who play Bolt Action, but rarely see them. In this last year, one of our Gaming stores has been out of commission for gaming. Before that had happened, the main group of historical players were split between Bolt Action and Chain of Command. Kalissa and I tend to be more into Bolt Action, but are open to other rule sets. I have been interested in the new Iron Cross rules. And now that Kalissa has a good bit down for Normandy Firefight, we have that as well. Anyway, we hope to see anyone who is going to this year's Siege of Augusta. Feel free to stop by even if you are not in the tournament.
   As for this afternoon, I had mentioned before in previous posts that I would finish off my review of laser cut buildings. I have came across some things to return to that review. My mission for today was to finish off some buildings, but due to slight anger, I decided to switch missions. I went for my fifth mat to make for this tournament. Within and month and a week, I made five 5' x 6' mats for this event. If it was not for working retail and the whole holiday of Christmas, I could have finished my projects in two weeks, if I pushed myself. So here are some examples of my recent work, which are mostly in previous posts. I would take note that this does not give away any tournament map advantage, since that will be set up differently.
Mat 1: Danny's Normandy Farm Country
     This is a commission job I did for my friend who wanted a farm like atmosphere, but he purchased some 4Ground row homes. Since row homes are not really farm like and I did not want him to have wasted money, I designed it for row homes and a farm house.

  Mat 2:  Down on the Farm.
      This was a mat designed for Impudent Mortals who are sponsors for our tournament. They were nice effort to give us buildings! Out of guilt and desire, I will probably end up with some of their factory buildings. Though, they will be part of the continued review of laser cut buildings, their presence on the table speaks for themselves.
Mat 3: Lord of the Rings.
    This mat was somewhat inspired by a Russian war Film that I cannot type due to the Greek alphabet, but it takes place in the Balkans and Ukraine! I only mentioned the Lord of the Rings, because it reminds me of some shots in the movie based in New Zealand. I sold this in ten minutes, but I am allowed to use it for our event.

Mat 4: The River Crossing.
     I wanted a natural river running through a board. For years, I have seen rivers as blue strips of color running across the board. Anyone who have been around a river knows it is rarely blue. I grew up around water my whole life whether it was creeks, rivers, swamps, or the ocean. Only the ocean did I ever see blue, which was south Florida. This was my attempt at a natural river. Besides, it gave me an excuse to use my Miniature Building Authority bridge!

Mat 5: The Swamp.
  This was what I was currently working on. This is my first attempt to making a board for the Peel Marshes in the Netherlands for Holland 44'. I want to campaign this in the future where the U.S. 7th Armored Division was sent to eliminate Germans in a marshy area called De Peel or the Peel Marshes. Both British and American forces were involved as well as Belgium forces. I probably will not use this exact board for it, but it is a good practice start.

       Now, I might not be able to try this mat out before the tournament for this Saturday. I am not worried that much. I might try to play another game such as Flames of War or Ronin this weekend, since I have not played them for a few months. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!


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