Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Terrain Blitz Two: Buildings and such.

  And yet another round of building up terrain! After making some hedgerows, I decided to change the pace by painting up some buildings and fences. Before Kalissa and I ran off to the Siege of Augusta, I finally got a Church for our games from Total Battle Miniatures. I really like their stuff. For one, it is made of resin. Two, they bothered to make the interior with the same care as the outside. It is really stellar work! But honestly, I originally tried to get my hands on a church from Z1 Designs. I am not sure what happened, but the guy took the site down and refunded my money. I would have preferred that one for one important fact that it had a taller steeple. But who am I kidding, I would have still got a hold of the Total Battle version. It is too bad the delay happened from the first order, because it would have definitely made a presence in my wife's tournament.
    However, I also gained a few things from Siege of Augusta, which was some 28mm buildings and fences from Foxhole Terrain. A small company based in Atlanta, Georgia Metro area, they made really nice products for a reasonable price. Again, these are resin and really solid stuff. We happen to know the owners personally and enjoy meeting up with them. It was only a miracle I did not buy some Impudent Mortal Buildings, since they came out with some new factory buildings.
   Anyway, on to pictures of the day.
These are the Foxhole Terrain items I got. They are fair simple, but that does not mean they can make a good presence on a table. They mainly have cottage like buildings good for wilderness American as well as Europe, possibly Eastern Front. The other things are the stone walls and some building materials (pipes and wood stacks). Made with white resin.

This is the Total Battle Miniature's Church. Made with grey resin.

A nice observation post or sniper's nest!

Main interior. I might add pews later. The front wall actually comes out!

Finished product!

Used a 1/56 Panzer IV tank for scale. I went for the rusty forgotten look for the pipes and wood.

I add vines in the back for interest purposes, and there was a corner that looked like it could be used as a flower bed. I decided to add clear glue and leaves for a mini-water garden.

A closer look at leftover building materials.

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