Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year, New Games!

 Though, I am new to the blogging world, I have been posting games in varies sites for a couple of years.  Some games I would have liked to have posted, but due to unfortunate circumstances, I've lost the images. However, this year I am heavily motivated to photograph and post each game and all game related stuff. Consider it a New Year's resolution. I never did them before, but I feel I can bring myself to do this on behalf of my hobby, my wife, and my shares!
  For the last couple of years, my wife, Kalissa and I, have engaged in the evil acts of pushing people into new gaming territories. Examples of this have been games such as Angel's 20, Of Gods and Mortals, Songs of Blades and Heroes, Ronin, and Bolt Action. At the moment, we have been playing a lot of WW2 games. We both started war gaming with Flames of War, so naturally, we play a lot of WW2 games. But like all historical war gamers, we want to bust out into even more grounds, despite never getting to it. So, for a change, our friend, Bill Littlefield, decided to help push us into a direction. Here was his Christmas gifts:

Left to right: Robin Hood, Little John, Friar Tuck, and Maid Marian.

Left to Right: A random swordsmen, The Sherriff of Nottingham, another swordsmen, and King John!
Yes, I know it is not "King John", but "Prince John"! But it really irritates my wife, so "King John" it is! I love you, honey!
     Bill's push was towards my wife's love for the Robin Hood story. She has always been into Robin Hood for most of her life. Disney's version is just a Redwall excuse version. In this case, it is annoying for me. For one, as much as I am willing support my wife's new found figures, the truth of the matter comes to painting style. I can replicate painting styles, but since it is Hugh Alderson's work, I would want my extras to match. I do not really want to pay for painting services, especially, when I love to paint and paint everything of my own. I most likely will, because we know him personally. I guess I will just sell some stuff and pay, for the first time, someone to paint for me!
    However, for those interested in Robin Hood, in general, there are several rule sets to use that could be up your alley:
     Loin Rampet: These are your most simple violent rules for medium sized armies. It is more aimed towards larger Medieval Armies, but there is nothing saying you cannot have Robin Hood and a larger force of Married Men against the Sherriff's Forces.
     Songs of Blades and Heroes: This is a true back and forth melee game. This involves true melee combat. You can be knocked over, but comeback swinging. Of course, the opposite can happen.
     Enguard: This rule system is not out yet, but has Musketeers with sword fighting. I am sure that it can modified.
   I would list more, but the reality is that most medieval games are at a large scale as opposed to smaller skirmishes. I'm sure that I will come across more as the games pass on by. I go to a lot of conventions at the moment, so I am always on the lookout to new an interest rules sets! I will let you you all know when I find some. Have a great day!

   *Hugh Alderson has a painting service and does a great job. He has other examples on the Flames of War Iron Cross Awards. He has won quite a few. This can be considered advertisement, but I do not know his contact information or prices. I can ask him if all else fails!.

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