Monday, January 25, 2016

Terrain Blitz One: Hedgerows.

       For a couple of days, I have few days off. And while my wife happily goes to teach eager eyes of children, I am left to my own devices of terrain construction. I can see how this could be taken dirty. I have a rather large mission that has a lot of work to do, and that is Historicon 2016. Even though, it is in July and is considered my wife's birthday present, I want to run a couple of convention games. The last time we attended Historicon, we ran our Hell's Highway game. It was fun and a great experience. But we only committed to running a one time game. And with all of the war gaming goodies at such a great convention, who could really blame us. Then, Kalissa ran her first tournament at the Siege of Augusta. Though it was a smashing hit with hundreds of war gamers, there were various terrain pieces, such as my newer trees and hedges that I could not show case. They need a little more special care, thus more room. In other words, I want to show case my new stuff at a convention, and I have a plan!
    The plan is simple: I want to design a 6' x 15' Normandy table at Historicon. The theme will be a Church hill assault. I will need several things for this to happen. Number one on the list are hedgerows, in which I made today. I only have made a few. Today I made four of them, but the plan is to make about twenty of them at a foot each. This means 30 feet of hedgerows for this future game. I also need three 5' x 6' teddy bear fur mats. This is probably the best part of the project, since I do love making them. Three are the doodads. These are the small details such as flowers, trashcans, fences, wood piles, cars, trucks, etc...  Last this will be the rules. I have not decided if I want to keep it a Bolt Action game modified or another rules system. The rent release of Iron Cross by Great Escape Games could be a winner. The Rules of Engagement looked interesting as well. I would have considered Chain of Command, but it is not necessarily new player friendly. I will see how it goes.
     Anyway, on to terrain, since that is point. Here is some terrain awesomeness of the day!

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