Friday, February 8, 2019

Terrain: Wire Trees for Lord of the Rings.

        Here are first wire trees I have ever made. I have been making trees for quite a while. I am sure that I have a post about tree making some where on this blog a few years back. Normally, the trees I made worked for what I needed. However, I have been playing some more Fantasy related games: notebly, Lord of the Rings. Since my wife bought a whole bunch a figures for an awesome deal, it only seems natural to make fantasy boards. Okay, there has been a secret challenge to make some more fantasy boards. I have interests that range everywhere.
      Since my wife likes Lord of the Rings, she likes the Elves and the Ents. In my mind, I figured I need to approach terrain much like I do with the historical work I do. I cannot see Ents being as tall as they are walking through  medium sized trees. However, the field problem I have is the way I make trees works up to a certain point with sizes. To make Fangorn Forrest, I have to make more Live Oak type trees and working with Woodland Scenics trees only get so wide. Plus, used larger bushes and sticks make for more fragile trees. I thought of using aquarium trees made of plastic for a base like some one did down below.

     The guy who made them did a great job. From what I understood, he made this with armatures you can buy from Scenic Express and plastic Bonsai plastic trees. This are pretty easy to make. The problem comes when you cannot find the plastic Bonsai trees with the right shape or just finding them at all. I looked around in my local shops of pet stores and craft stores. It is a amazing how you see things are the time, but cannot find them when you want them.
       So my failed hunt turned me to wire trees. I have seen many videos on wire trees. Mel from the Facebook group the Terrainiacs does a really nice job for them. I just never needed to make them before. After making the tree I have made featured on this blog, I learned  quite a lot about it. I might make a tutorial on my version in the near future, since I will be making more of these. I will most likely turn to this method for my wife's Ronin board. I will have to see how it goes.

The bases are not finished for these. I am making a board to better match for this trees.

This is to give you an idea of the size.

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