Monday, September 18, 2017

Olustee Project: Attack of the Static Grass!

    There has not been too much done on the convention project front. A couple of reasons seems to be related to a lack of bases that I have not made, even though, I have two regiments to base. Plus, I have not looked into the flags for our troops. There were quite a few factors for this, but things are looking up. I started experimenting with ideas for terrain. Part of this has led me once again to the dreaded Scenic Express. I find this company always has me digging through their website like a crack junkie. I assure everyone that I have a support group....... that does nothing to stop my ideas.
    Part of my recent venture with Scenic Express recently gained me a Static Grass Applicator. I had been looking at these for quite some time. I had looked on Youtube at videos on how to build your own cheaply out of one of those electric bug zappers that look like Tennis rackets. This was mainly due to all of the high costs to buy a new one around $100 plus dollars. However, in a chance click on of the Scenic Express pages, I found one for $34.00. Grant it, the do-it-yourself version is roughly $15.00, I decided I rather buy one made. Besides, I have not seen a store in my area with those Tennis bug zappers in a while.
     So now, I have tested out my new applicator. I made a few tuffs thinking I could glue them on to my current bases. Then, the "Eureka Moment" struck my brain! Why make tuffs when I could just add to my bases directly. So the results are what this post is about.  I barely used an ninth of my bag of static grass for these guys. I will still add some other details, but it made me realize that I may have had some sparking issues if I had added metal flags in advance. Anyway, here are some pictures. Enjoy!

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