Monday, September 4, 2017

AAR: En Garde: En Garde Or Just Duck!

       Our gaming group went back to playing at hobby stores to share the Historical side of our hobby. It is no surprise that in our absence, it has been left up to Warhammer and Star Wars to fill the void. We have not been completely innocent, since our friend William, Kalissa, and I have been playing quite a few games of Star Wars: Imperial Assault. However, I decided to bring out the Musketeers. We had not played with them in a game yet and I had the painted how many posts back? This gave me an excuse to have a quick sword play with Osprey Publishing's En Garde! rules.
        Between my friend, Bill and I we made roughly around 80 points per side. This left me with D'Artagnan, Porthos, and a Servant. Bill had Rochfort, a hire sword, and five Cardinal Guards. With the inexperience of both of us playing this game, I came out with the following conclusions. One, the two Musketeers I ran might as well have been Steve Seagul and Chuck Norris. They were so overpowered that it was amazing. Two, I need more Cardinal Guards to make it a fair fight. I think that five or six per Musketeer would make a more balanced game. Three, the game plays very similar to Ronin, but just in a different culture and continent. Most of the game consisted of either Porthos or D'Artagnan slicing someone in half with a massive blow. I felt bad for Bill, but mentioned that at least the other two were not in play. The servant got killed, but that did not make up for the 100% that the Cardinal Guard experienced. They need to send more men!

The board.

Constance was our objective.

"Drinks anyone?"

Bill's men.

My men.

This seems more like a tickle fight for D'Artagnan and Porthos.

The Musketeers save the day!

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