Sunday, September 3, 2017

AAR: Wings of Glory WW1: Blue Bomber Run.

     These are shots from a recent game of Wings of Glory that we played last month, so it did not posted for that month. However, it was a fun game at our friend, Danny's house. Danny and I got to play as the German determined to bomber a factory target. And our partners in crime were our British opponents. Actually, they might have just be Allies, instead of British, since my wife, Kalissa and his wife, Susan got to choose whatever fighters they wanted to play against us.
    Now, I cannot say I am a expert of WWI fighters or bombers. Actually, since we started playing this game, I was not aware there were so many different planes. However, the main point of this game other than everyone wanting a rematch was to run to two largest bombers in the game. They are both the same, but with different color schemes. And the models are just huge on the table. If this was X-Wing, it would be like bringing a Death Star to a knife fight in size. Of course, this does not mean they cannot be defeated. One of these bombers died on the last turn as my wife's finally say before her last plane went down. Anyway, here were the game shots! Enjoy!

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