Wednesday, June 8, 2016

AAR: Flames of War, Korsun Pocket 1944


      It was another round of German Chaos with Flames of War on the continuing the Korsun Pocket. Unfortunately, like the other two games, the Germans ended in disaster. This is not too much of a surprise, since and infantry force would have faired better. However, I did have the advantage of good ground. I think the problem for this mission was that it was a "Free For All" mission. Honestly, this tends to be the most boring of all of the missions to me. But on the flip side, I get to see everything down. Tom, honestly, told me later that he had no real plan. The plan was rape me with planes and heavy mortars. We went through several rounds, were I was doing some awesome saves and some great long ranged shots. It was when I pushed forward into town with Tigers, did the game took a nose dive. I loose an assault and a Tiger in the process. But it did bring out the Soviet force. And the went on a war path across the frozen river to kill everything. I ended up losing, but I did make Tom work for it! He had a morale check to stay on the objective. He passed, the end!
   After game, we both realized that there were two major events that effectively defeat. One, was the loss of my Company Commander. I had no 2 IC. Because, of this, I could not reroll my failure to counterattack in an assault with my Panthers. The Second, was the fact, my three Panther Platoon bogged in the snow all at the same time, giving the Soviets the time they needed to do their job. Either way, I still had fun. Here are the rest of the shots.

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