Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Testing Terrain While Rolling Lots of Twos.

   Recently, Kalissa and I went to our local hobby shop Hobbytown USA to test out my recent addition of terrain mats that are going to be used at Kalissa's Bolt Action Tournament. After seeing some other Tournament throughout the years (mainly Flames of War), I have taken a personal interest into upping my game in awesome terrain. That is not to say that there are no great showcasing terrain in other tournaments. But as it looks, I large portion of my terrain is going to used in this tournament including past projects I made for other people. In a way, it will be a kind of history of my terrain designing. Not all of it will make it, though. Such as my Port table I made for a Flames of War tournament. I never even played on it, despite doing okay in the tournament itself. But I will tell you, it had to be the most hated boards, but it was liked at the same time. I am not aiming for that again.
   Anyway, we went to a fairly dead day in war gaming. I am not sure what was going on, but most of our friends did not show either. So it was off to killing! British versus Germans in a Bolt Action game! To start of with, we thought about trying out the rough version of what we know about the upcoming Iron Cross Rules that have not be released. This might have been the demise for my wife in our Bolt Action game. We gave up trying those rules, because there were still too many unanswered questions to continue. It was ruining the flow of the day. So, in a sense, Kalissa lost her gaming groove. That is the only explanation for her bad rolling. She was okay with a loss, but still.
    This was a game of "Two's." There were two halftracks on both sides, two Sherman tanks, two Fireflies, two Tiger I E tanks, two assaults, two FUBAR's with two's resulting in friendly fire, and two surviving Tigers at the end. Though, the Tigers seem a little on the heavy side, this is a first for any of them to survive a game, let alone two. In either case, there were a lot of rolls of two's. 90% of my wife's hitting power failed to penetrate due to the number two. It reality, the game should have only been 30 minutes based on hits alone. Here are the shots below.
The Board. The table is short on both sides, otherwise it is larger.

German advance.

The British pick positions along the high ground.

The Fallshrimjagers deploy in some woods.

Taking cover!

A Sherman explodes from a Stug III shot.


British infantry occupy the ridge.

The small cottage is captured.

Germans have the opposite high ground.

An M5 half track is disabled.

A Sherman Firefly picks its shot.

The Daimler armored car is knocked out by a Marder III.

The German confidence is high and with advancing Tiger Tanks.

The last Firefly moves into an ambush position.

British and German infantry have a stand off over a boulder.

The last Sherman tank is knocked out by a Tiger.

German assault the British.

The Firefly is destroyed, though, it scared one Tiger crew with a side hit.

German assault over the boulder ended bad.

Marder III

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  1. Nice battle report. And as usual your table look stunning!
    Regards from Germany