Monday, September 20, 2021

Southern Front: AAR: Battegroup: 1st Polish Armor Versus German 12th SS

    Earlier in the week, I was solo playing some Battlegroup for a scenario to run for a convention game. Now, I have not finished all of the forces to run it exactly. It was going to be a rather large game in general. This was based off the scenario in the Normandy Book for the Assault on Saint Sylvania, France during Operation Totalize on August 7th, 1944. I ended up playing this game at Southern Front after Kalissa and I ran some demos for Cruel Seas and Black Seas. I brought this game up is a kind of wing-it affair. It worked out, since my friend, Matt played as the Germans against me as the Polish. Since I am half Polish, it makes sense. There were five capture points along on the board. Two crossroads, two exit points in the south, and one exit point in town. The Germans held the southern side. I came in on the opposite corner in the north. 

    What the Polish had in this game:

  • One infantry platoon of Regular troops
  • One infantry squad (Reg.)
  • Five Troops of Sherman tanks with one Firefly (Reg)
  • One Sherman HQ (Reg)

   This was able fifteen Allied tanks for the Germans to deal with spaced out with turns. First turn had two Sherman Troop and infantry squad and the Command Tank. Turn two, same with an HQ Sherman. Turn three, two more tank and infantry. Fourth, everything else.

    What the Germans had to fight back with:

  • One HQ Panther Tank
  • One Regular Infantry Platoon
  • One Reg. Infantry squad
  • One Reg. heavy MG42 
  • 4 shots from off table Flak 88's off the southern table edge.
  • Two Panzer IV H Reg. Troops
  • Three Tiger I E Tanks Reg.
     Ten tanks were to counterattack the incoming Polish forces. The infantry and the HQ Panther start on the table. The second turn would receive six Panzer IV H's. The Fourth turn, the Tigers would arrive. Keeping in mind, I have a different set up in mind on the forces, but this was what I have built for the moment.

  The game kicked off with captures everywhere with a Polish Blitz down the road to town. It was apparent that there was going to be a race to the crossroads with both armored divisions. This is strongly encouraged in this game, though I tink Matt missed me saying he could have German infantry deployed in town. Around the corner, the tank battle began. Nearly all of the shots were at close range exchanging fire with punishing results to both sides. One the southern section, Fireflies were exchanging shots at long ranges. This was nowhere near as intense at the town action. We decided to call the town "The trapping of Tigers" with all of the burning wrecks. In the end, the Poles won buy morale, since I was never pooled a single chit out of the bag that was higher than 2. I got a airstrike of Typhoons firing rockets killing the HQ Panther and a Tiger just calling the game. And the infantry were just about to fully involved! Oh well!



Sunday, September 19, 2021

Southern Front: Cruel Seas and Black Seas Demos


    One of the other reasons that Kalissa and I were going to Southern Front was to run some Warlord Games Demos, since my wife is a Warlord Games Raider. In this case, we bought our Cruel Seas and Black Seas miniatures to teach. We had a few people try out some of the Cruel Seas game, but we found with all of the good games running at Southern Front, it was hard for different people to commit. It did not stop questions or on lookers. We had a few people buy one game or the other while playing demos. I played in one Cruel Seas game and a Black Seas one. The Black Seas game turn into a serious long game. I mean a hour and a half one that was the best naval game I have ever played. There was some seriously amazing sailing going on in this game until the end when things starting to fall apart. I will just say that my Spanish sailors started drinking at the end. I lost that game, but it was awesome anyway. Here are the photos. 

Southern Front Wargaming Convention



  Southern Front 2021 has come and past! This is one of the smaller conventions that Kalissa and I try to attend. As silly as it sounds, this convention tends to be one of the harder conventions to get to, despite being only and hour and a half drive. Yes, this is held in Raleigh, NC, which in pretty close to us. However, the amount of events that interrupt this convention of the years was amazing. Most of them were hurricanes, so this one is the third on we have been to after knowing about it for ten years. We were have to be there!

    I like to think of Southern Front as the spiked punch bowl of historical wargaming. It is small with around about 60 to 80 people, but it is blessed with some grand historical gaming. It was about 90% historical games with some (I think) heavy hitters of the hobby in eastern U.S. There were a lot these guys I see running games at other major conventions, own miniature companies or write rules. I find it really cool to ask rules question to the writers themselves. Though, we only showed up for the Saturday part of the show. I was told I missed out of some awesome games on Friday. It was pretty full for a Friday. Saturday had a lot going on. I only shot a few photos and forgot most of the evenings games. I regret that, since there were some interesting medieval games going on. Anyway, here was what I took.